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Running on empty? Need some Vitamin D? Just want to lie on a beach somewhere hot? I have been there, we all have… Sometimes you don't want to travel very far, be adventurous or see anything interesting, you just want a lovely hotel, with amazing food, on a gorgeous beach, where you know it is going to be hot...and get there quickly!  Other times, you may want some culture or to combine it with some adventure. You may want to take the children, the grandparents, the dog?! Everyone is different and needs differ. Where shall I go? That's for us to find out together!

The air is so clean, the vistas so beautiful and the exhilaration factor.... well, that's up to you! Accommodation is getting better and better but booking early is key. Particularly for New Year and February half term... there isn't enough good accommodation to go around! Whether you fit into the bracket of fair weather skier,  hot chocolate sipper, spa frequenter, piste dodger, lunch organiser or couloir explorer, off piste adventurer, dawn riser, disco diva - or indeed a group that is an assortment of all of these, it is for us to find something that suits.. and we will! 

Sometimes life gets too 'same same' and there is an urge and need to do something different. There is so much in this wonderful world to see and explore, the younger you start the better, but it's certainly never too late!

You may want to show your children something interesting, some culture, some amazing wildlfe or perhaps something to make them realise how lucky they are? You may have spent all your life working and it’s time to enjoy your success - you only live once afterall!  What is adventure to you? Seeing the temples of South East Asia? Cruising on a boat through the Galapagos? Trekking to see gorillas in Uganda? Sitting under the cherry trees in Kyoto? Meeting the hill tribes in Peru? Spin prayer wheels in Tibet? Or do you need more than that? Climbing Everest? Kilimanjaro? You may want to soothe tired bodies with a beach at the end. Maybe you don't even know. Sometimes my job is more about psychology! Let's find out.   

This is a holiday you, hopefully, only do once so... let's get it right! Let's make it perfect. Let's make sure all the hotels spoil you rotten and give you the attention you deserve. The key is in the details... Surprise and amaze. Some may want to be more adventurous than others. Some might like a bit of both. Two pieces of advice I always give to honeymooners are to try and visit a place neither of you have been to before, and don't try and fit too much into too short a time…you'll end up frazzled! I certainly spent the first 5 days of our honeymoon sleeping off the exhaustion of the wedding! 

Time is key - mostly there isn't enough. With commitments at home/work/school, sometimes you can only squeeze in a few days. It doesn't mean you can’t do something amazing. Whether it is action packed or, indeed, action void, it needs to be special. Your trip can be tailored to your needs and wants. Everything I do is bespoke, which is vital to ensure complete perfection. It’s the details that make the difference. 

Whether you are planning for 2 or 22 people…or more, villas are a wonderful way to spend a holiday, IF, and only IF, you get it right. The villa needs to suit your needs and give you that holiday you are after. It’s so easy to get wrong! Websites can mask a lot of things, which is why you need me to ensure the villa you’ve chosen has been vetted and checked that it is what it says it is! There are some incredible villas out there - some stand alone, others are associated with hotels. I have access to a huge variety of villas globally, modern or traditional, large or small, each one hand picked to suit the individual. Each one chosen to meet your needs. 

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